Zazzle Interviews My Daughter About Her DinaDesigns Store

Sorry, proud dad alert! I previously announced Dina’s Flickr page and Zazzle store where she sells various items featuring her art. Zazzle noticed the store and asked to interview her (initially by phone until I pointed out that Dina is only 8). Read her interview: Zazzle Featured Designer Interview with Dina _ Zazzle Blog. Reader comments have been heart-warming, such as:

* “Your designs are wonderful – so colorful and fresh!”

* “What a talented girl! I love her paintings. The skill at her age is impressive. And her imagination is lovely. It’s inspiring that her goal was to give to the SPCA. A great interview that cheered my morning.”

* “Adorable Alien: Read your Zazzle interview and am so impressed with your skill. I liked this painting and shared it on my facebook timeline.”