Public Librarian Complains About Phone to Phone Inc.

I continue to get emailed complaints about Phone to Phone Inc. A recent email (as usual, posted with permission):


[begin third party email]

Many thanks for your exposure of Phone2Phone. I manage a public library website and we have gotten emails and phone calls from various websites which have the mailing address 1 International Blvd, Mahwah, New Jersey, including,, and Under ‘about us’, mentions 4 affiliate sites:,, and None of these medical sites lists any writers’ names or credentials, legitimate organizational affiliations, or authoritative advisory board (or advisory board of any kind). They just claim that they have a ‘top-notch writing staff’. (All the articles I saw were written by ‘admin’.)

The email from also claims they are in compliance with MedlinePlus/National Library of Medicine Quality Guidelines, though a quick check of the MedlinePlus guidelines refutes this claim. The guidelines state, for example: “.. The source of the content is established, respected and dependable. The organization publishes a list of advisory board members or consultants on the site.”

Since they are putting out scientific, legal, and medical information without proper credentials, I wouldn’t have put their links on our website in any case – but I fear they may fool others who are more credulous. Just look at how many doctors they’ve got signed up on! Scary.

[end third party email]


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