Q1 2023 Travel and Speaking Schedule

The last time I posted an anticipated travel schedule was 3 years ago, when I had an in-my-dreams travel schedule lined up (Hawaii! Israel! Amsterdam! Bali! Kenya!)–all derailed by the pandemic. I nevertheless flew 20k miles in Q1 2020, with my last pre-pandemic flight on March 10, 2020. Then, I didn’t fly again for over two years.

After that long hibernation, our family is slowly reemerging from the pandemic. In 2022, I took 3 flight trips (Hawaii, Chicago, and Denver/Montana) and several long drive trips (Mendocino/Redwood National Park, Santa Rosa Island, Palm Springs, Bend, Mendocino (second time), the Southwest (photo album in process)). My travel schedule isn’t back to pre-pandemic levels, but we’re taking steps towards “normalcy.” Some of the trips and in-person talks on the docket for Q1 2023:

January 6: AALS in San Diego (IP section program on the metaverse + emerging IP scholar commentary)

January 25: Enigma Conference in Santa Clara (book project talk)

February 3: Northwestern Law & Tech conference in San Francisco

February 3: Municipal Law conference at SCU

February 5: Yuba City and Sutter Buttes hike

February 24-25: Trademark conference at UCLA

March 13-16: Ventura and Santa Cruz Island camping

March 17-19: Wedding in San Diego

March 26-27: Private training and possible public talk in Fort Worth, TX

Because I’m still following heightened COVID protocols, I don’t do as much socializing on my trips as I used to. Still, if you want to connect during my travels, let me know and we’ll see what’s feasible.

Longer range 2023 commitments:

  • Trustcon 2023 in San Francisco, July 11-13
  • Michigan IP conference on Mackinac Island, July 20-21