Signs That My Mom Is Still Thinking of Us (Gail Schlachter Hauser, 1943-2015)

April 2015, Los AltosIt’s comforting to think of my mom’s soul watching over us and sending us occasional signs or reminders of her love for us. On the day of my mom’s burial service, I noted three unusual “coincidences” that might have been signs from her:

1) My mom repeatedly told me that she wanted the song “(I Had) The Time of My Life” played at her funeral. While we plan to play it at her memorial service, we didn’t plan to play it at her actual burial service. As we drove to the burial service, you can guess what song came on the radio. Now, it’s a well-known song, but the timing was striking given the song’s age. Still, the fortuitous timing meant that indeed we enjoyed the song at her funeral. (Enjoyed, of course, is euphemistic: I immediately burst into tears when the song came on the radio).

2) My mom always said she felt cold, but the temperature at her burial service was a sizzling 95 degrees–an unusually hot day for the LA Basin in April.

3) As we drove home from the service, we crested a hill and saw the setting sun as its disk was just touching the horizon. Seeing it through so many atmospheric layers, we could glimpse directly at the sun’s disk for a few moments at a time. It was the widest, fattest and most beautiful sun I can recall seeing. The bottom eighth of the disk was distorted by the atmosphere in a way that made it look vaguely like the sun was “smiling.” So what I chose to see was my mom’s bright face smiling at us–as she always did–as her way of sending her love.

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