My Mom’s Idea of a “Really Good Day” (Gail Schlachter Hauser, 1943-2015)

April 2015, Los AltosMy mom filled out an advance healthcare directive before her death. We didn’t need to use it, but the fact we had it provided us (as loved ones) great comfort that we wouldn’t have to guess about my mom’s preferences.

One of the directive’s questions asked: “If I Were Having a Really Good Day, I Would Be Doing the Following…” I’d like to share how my mom answered it:

– reading newspaper while eating breakfast
– letting the dog out; walking the dog
– checking email on the computer
– making business calls; talking on phone to my children
– working on business and home projects
– eating frozen dinners (cooking in microwave)
– running errands (going to the grocery store)
– taking long hot showers

Even though these tasks may sound pedestrian, this is in fact what my mom genuinely loved doing on a day-to-day basis. Nothing would make her–or us–happier if she could do these just one more day. So perhaps this list reminds us that, when compared to the alternatives we inevitably face in life, an average day filled with ordinary tasks still could be a Really Good Day after all.

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