Just Listed: Income-Producing Commercial Building in Angels Camp

[My mom had a portfolio of 15 real estate properties, and I now spend my days and nights managing them until I can get them sold. I’m excited to bring to market this attractive income-producing opportunity in the bustling Gold Country.]

Just listed: 1177-89 South Main Street (Highway 49), Old Town Angels Camp. The building is 3,396 square feet of retail space, 100% leased by an antique shop, Now and Then Treasures. The current rent of $1,500/month projects to an annual income of $18,000. The offering price is only $209,000, which makes this a super opportunity if you’re looking for a “starter” commercial real estate investment.

In addition to its location right on world-famous Highway 49 in a charming and historic part of Angels Camp, the building’s thick riolite stone walls gives it some character you might associate with California of yore. Some photos of the building front:


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If you’re interested, contact me or Duane Papais, fmp@goldrush.com.